Thursdays = PUB QUIZ!

We all hate Mondays..

It signals that start of yet another week of work/school, until that foreboding ‘Friday Feeling’…

But just before I resign my brain cells to a weekend of respite … I hit the PUB QUIZ!

I tag along with my boyfriend and another couple to the Seven Stars, Brockton, Staffs, our weekly haunt on a Thursday for our fix of all things ‘quiz-ical?!’ …

We take full advantage of the ‘special-offer-on-a-pubquiz-night-carvery’ and get a few bevvies in, in preparation for the forthcoming 6 rounds. These can include:

  • Mixed bag/general knowledge
  • Sport
  • Geography
  • Showbizz
  • TV/Film
  • Celebrity
  • Music
  • History
  • Picture round

We’re currently clinging onto the ‘leader board’ by the skin of our teeth, following a few weeks’ absence, but I am determined to crawl back up it!

Aptly named ‘Hot ‘n’ Spicy’, we were inspired by our first ever visit to the quiz, where we were stuck for a cunning name, and the only inspiration about were the entrails of my recently devoured ‘hot & spicy prawn starter’…and so the name kinda stuck!

Our fellow pubquiz-goers have also thought up of a few ‘interesting’ names as well…some a lot braver than others!

  • settle down now‘ – a band of teachers … one of those groups of saddos that you can actually tell which one teaches what! (the large lady who’s showing more interest in the menu than the quiz = ‘food tech’ …. the short-haired woman, with a 5 o’clock shadow, wearing a Nike sports kit and giving my friend ‘the eye’ = the lesbian P.E teacher … you get the drift!)
  • we’re not worthy‘ – no, they really aren’t! …
  • the Cee yoU Next Tuesday’s‘ (or something to that effect) – quite hilariously, the quiz master refused to read out their scores! gutted!
  • ‘The Rumettes’ – 2 rather large ladies that know the answers to friggin’ EVERYTHING…which is slightly suspicious if you ask me, considering one’s that ‘large’ she can’t make it from sitting to standing without breaking into a sweat … and the other has a limp! (these aren’t the reasons I’m suggesting they wouldn’t know anything, just that if you actually SAW them, they wouldn’t strike you as the kind of people to know the difference between ‘quiche’ and ‘kitch’ …

We have had some good scores over the past few months, considering some teams are picking up more signal than NASA on their mobile devices, and no doubt keeping 118118 in business!

We even came first place once (on a particularly low-scoring week all round) but a first place is still first place, and the prize of 4 drinks tokens were used fairly quickly!

However, we have had a few bobby-dazzlers of answers over the months that would make even George Bush look slightly intelligent! …

Quiz master: “what is the name given to a seemingly ‘useless’ organ in the body, that also shares its name with a section at the back of a book?..”

Charlotte: “bibliography??”


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