I awoke yet again this morning at the obscene hour of 6am to the ‘cup cake-clad’ Katy Perry, warbling California Gurls, as my iPhone lit up like Blackpool Illuminations…following a much-needed day off yesterday.

I’d only done 2 days on placement so far but it had really taken it out of me. Used to bombing around in my Peugeot, the hiking around the Country’s capital has really tested my fitness levels.

I spent my designated Wednesday off by being conned into joining my darling Jessica to the ‘grand unveiling’ of a new Lush store in Birmingham City Centre.

After squeezing into the packed soap shop and avoiding a rather high number of kamikaze wheelchair users, I left with some ‘Summer Pudding‘, ‘Bubblegum lip scrub‘ and £9 worse off.

But today, it was back to the Big Smoke and to yet another empty office (most of the colleagues were away in Berlin still for something to do with fashion…)

Dom, who seemed more stressed than usual wanted me to take some clothing back to funky fashion label Cassette Playa, Hackney & also take some ‘eye catching’ vestments to the prestigious David Parfitt studios for a photoshoot he was due to do this morning.

I rushed (as quickly I could while having to wait what seemed like a lifetime for about 10 tube trains) to get into Old Street and walked the rest of the way to the studio.

After this, I journeyed (again, via about 10 tube trains) to hackney, where I returned some items to the Cassette Playa ‘mother’ and designer Carrie. Having buzzed me through into her workshop to receive the goods, she appeared at the door, sporting large ‘geek glasses’ and a number of ‘unique’ items of clothing. If asked to describe her on CrimeWatch I would say she was the love child of Lady Gaga & Dierdre Barlow…but this ‘glasses trend’ seemed to echo throughout a lot of places I had visited during my time there so far…maybe I should invest?

On arriving back from my 3 hour stint in London’s East End, I was sent off for my lunch my Dom. I headed just over the road to a very ‘dry’ looking McDonalds (it was peeing down outside).

I found solitude and an hour’s peace in the heart attack on a bun I devoured and a frothy coffee. Ahh bliss.

On returning to the office, I was given the task of delivering some clothes and jewelry to Nam (Editor and Co-owner) at the flat, as she was to be photographed for Grazia magazine the following day.

But first I had to pick up some one-off pieces of jewelry from MAWI near London’s Dalston Junction. After strolling into a side street off of the main ‘drag’, a walked into what I can only describe as one of these ‘sweat shops’ you hear about in Africa and such. There was loads of Victorian looking sewing machines lining the walls, and just visible by the tops of their heads behind them was an army of small chinese women.

Now I am not suggesting that they are indeed ‘whipped’ into creating these unique pieces of over-priced weares, but I was simply in shock at the amount of small chinese women that were packed into the shop.

The owner lady came from an office at the back like a Mafia boss to hand me over the goods (as it were) and off I went.

After a further ridiculous amount of both underground and overground services, I made it to Namalee’s flat and completed my task.

I then made my way back to Euston, where I was to depart from in just a couple of hours (the day has gone so quick!).

I went and sat in the food court department, where shortly, I middle-aged gentleman in a tux came and sat on the table next to me and began devouring a Burger King.

I take it whoever he was ‘wining’ tonight was certainly not ‘dining’.

…Or maybe he had just come back from the worst meal after and had to rid himself of the taste…

Who knows.

Once I had boarded the train that would take me back to the Paradise City (Hednesford. And I know it’s not a city. Creative license.), I rather ‘loud’ man started a very loud conversation in the seat behind me.

Man: “Yes yes it’s gone well..”

Boss (i’m guessing) speaks

Man: “well actually I changed everything around.”

Boss: ‘WHAT?’ (everybody on the train heard this.)

Man: “well put it this way…I’ve sacrificed a lot for a lot”

Boss: (stunned silence [most probably.])

Man: “I mean, i mean (backpedaling so fast i could smell the rubber.)…i’ve sacrificed a little for a lot. ”

Man: (nervous laughter)

Boss: (obviously unimpressed. Audible raised tones. Mild heart attack.)

Man: “hello? you there…?”


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