this is obviously NOT a unicorn cat. Truth be told, i couldn't find the image. BUT this picture also makes me laugh!

Today marked the end of my first week at SUPERSUPER, and a subsequent lie-in tomorrow morning. I couldn’t wait!

However, my day didn’t start as well as I’d have hoped…

I obviously hadn’t got the memo for the ‘National Foreign Schools Tour of London’ that ensued around what would have to be the only tube that I needed to get to placement…and so a 20 minute wait incurred me missing a Maccies double sausage & egg Mcmuffin yet AGAIN.


But not one to be beaten, I headed to McDonalds anyway as I was half hour early for my placement and so decided to subdue the lack of muffin with 4 measly chicken nuggets, which went some way to edging the gap.

After giving Editor Steve an extra 10 minutes or so to get into the office I made my way over the road to start my day.

However, as I went to push open the door I found that it was giving no more than a fat kid would share cake.

I was locked out.

I sat outside of the office for 40 minutes on my todd with only the errie SUPERSUPER smiley staring down at me from the wall.

Finally Steve turned up.

Dom wasn’t in until the afternoon, so Steve set me the task of researching the current most popular fashion blogs so that he could ‘test the water’ as it were before venturing into the hazy domain of the ‘blog’ himself.

The time went quickly while I went from ‘cherry blossom girl‘ to ‘byranboy‘ and everything in between.

Meanwhile, Steve was boasting about his most recent achievement … the next issue’s front cover.

I could hear the general groans of improvement until one of the contributors shouted “WOW, is that a unicorn cat?!”

So curiosity got the better of me (and had adverse effects on the cat, obviously), as I peered around my screen to see an Austin Powers-style ‘Mr Bigglesworth‘¬†staring out at me from the cover, along with its protruding ‘magical horn’.

‘Errr nice??..”

If looks could kill…

After all, I had only been a fashion intern for a week…how was I supposed to appreciate the apparent ‘powers’ of the hybrid feline?? Maybe that’s something that comes with time…

After the fantasy feline incident, it had reached around 1530 and in a couple of hours I could escape to my weekend of pure laziness..

But first, Dom had plans. I needed to ‘rush’ up in to town and take some designer labels back to a PR company.

I soon found out I was needed to ‘rush’ into Oxford Street..

Now I don’t know how long it had been since Dom last ‘nipped’ into Oxford Street, but to the average Joe, ‘nipping’ into Oxford Street incurs around an hour-hour and a half journey.

Now I¬†‚̧ Oxford Street. The shops, the shops, & …. the shops…

But when you’re only there to ‘nip in and out’ it’s like hell on earth. I don’t know whether there was something in the air, but today, all ‘Oxford Street goers’ seemed to loose all sense of ‘on-coming traffic awareness’ and many a time commuters in front of me were nearly run over by a Rover!

Having earned my keep for the day, I headed back to Euston as there was a juicy cheese burger waiting for me there with my name on.


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