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My Literary Cannon Adventure: Jane Eyre

I finished the last page of Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Jane Eyre’ last night, and in all honestly I was really moved by the whole story. I surprised myself as at the start of the book, where she details her wicked upbringing and the doom and gloom at Lowood I began to lose interest within the bulk of chapters that seemed to be detail upon detail upon gloom. However, from when she chooses to leave Lowood and heads for Thornfield and to the post of Governess for Mr Rochester’s young ward, it becomes both racy and intriguing as to ‘what’ exactly is the secret that Edward is keeping stored in the attic of Thornfield Manor…

None-the-less, I acknowledge that the first bulk of chapters (10) have to be there in order for you to assertain a degree of ‘sympathy’ for Jane, as she remains quite outspoken and strong-willed throughout, and if a reader were just to start at the 11th chapter of this wonderful novel they wouldn’t approach them with such sympathy.

Without spoiling the plot for those reading this who have not yet read the book, I would highly recommend it. It is filled with highs, lows, romance, lunacy, religion, literature…it encompasses all that it was to be both at the height of the social circles of the 19th century, and at the very very bottom. Jane Eyre experiences it all through the 10 (or so) years of her life  that the book spans.

I will next encounter the likes of another Brontë sister. Emily Brontë to be exact, and her famous novel ‘Wuthering Heights‘. I have already started the first few pages having finished Jane Eyre last night, and i have already noticed that Emily writes with a much more ‘forward-thinking hand’ than her sister.

I will again endeavour to write-up my findings following my finishing of the book…


Literary Cannon

I have taken it upon myself as a  kind of belated new year’s resolution (aside the ‘must loose half my body weight for girlie holiday’ and ‘don’t leave cleaning the car until i loose a passenger under the filth!’) to invest in some of the books that we discussed as featuring on a typical ‘Leavis-like’ literary reading cannon.

I have so far spent so much money on Amazon I now have shares in the company …. and 5 books!

I finished 1984 last night after a week or so of dispersed readings and to be honest by the time I’d finished at around 2am this morning i was all but ready to jump from the nearest cliff (of which I doubt there is any around here as I live in the Midlands! – re-think plan!) it was so depressing!

I understand that at the time of its publication, it was considered to be very ‘forward-thinking’, even an innovation, in literature terms. However, would it really have killed Georgie to throw in a more racy sex scene or even a happy ending for the loved-up pair of traitors??!

I have now started the first few pages of Jane Eyre, which no doubt will take me a while to read for fear of ripping the ’tissue-like’ pages of the book (shame on you penguin classics!) and so I will post my progress shortly.