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“Jed…ward??! well i never!” (A ‘Leavis-like’ analysis of a chosen media text)

It has come to my immediate regard of this obscene farce on British television, so-called the ‘X-Factor’… I sat with ‘disgust’ being the only emotion I could fathom to form my features on Saturday evening as a pair of over-excitable juveniles jirated, jiggled, and garbled out something I refuse to classify as ‘music’.

Even if I had opted to ‘mute’ my ‘idiots lantern’, I would still have been faced with their atrocious attire! Adorned in what i can only describe as ‘overalls’, they proceeded to procrastinate around the stage, sporting hair that very much resembled the ‘White Cliffs Of Dover’, with a group of equally eccentric ‘exceptionals’ who wouldn’t have looked at of place at a ‘Thriller Convnetion’ in toe!

It is beyond my comprehensive conception how this ‘freak show’ can possibly be conceived as ‘entertainment’ (in want of a better word!) It communicates no ‘values’ of worth other than ‘how to make yourself look exceedingly idiosyncratic in front of millions of British tax-payers!’

I shall most certainly be writing to the ‘high-waisted’ and ‘over-paid’ gentleman whom I believe to be the organ-grinder to these ridiculously-robed monkeys!