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Apple Mac Suites: 12/2/2010:

And so BCU is finally dragged, kicking and screeming into the 21st century as it unveils its new state-of-the-art ‘Apple Mac Suites’, featuring the latest CS4 software!

(can i have a “wit woooo”?)

To be honest, it’s a welcome relief to the proverbial journalism student who’s been jumping between Mac to PC for the past few months, and i’m optimistic that it will pave the way for the nurturing of a new Anna Wintour in the near future!

*Natalie Jane*


Media Culture, Week 1: 11/2/2010:

Today was our introductory lecture, in which John outlined issues and theories that were raised by the subject of ‘culture’.

Through group tasks we discovered what our own perceptions were of our ‘own cultures’. In order to do this, we had to choose a media text which we felt represented our ‘cultural level’ i.e. ‘high culture’, ‘low culture’, ‘middle brow culture’.

I chose ‘More!’, a popular culture magazine aimed at older ‘teens’ to 30-somethings, which covers everything from fashion to fortune-telling.

I feel that this encompasses what i find interesting i.e. ‘fashion’, ‘beauty’, ‘celebrity culture’ and it’s a form of journalism that i would be interested in a career in. It creates a platform for high-street fashion, and popular music and human interest stories. Mixed with the age of the target readership, i feel that this represents the ‘cultural group’ that i would fit myself into.

*Natalie Jane*