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The Great British ‘Car Booter’

my Mum, Sister, & family friend Gill at our car boot on Sunday

It is widely acknowledged by a man/woman (who remains anonymous to ‘Mr Google’) that: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, and  this was very much the case on Sunday (11/04/2010), as I joined my little sister and mum at around 10:30am (who had been there since 6am) to witness the ‘free-for-all frenzy’ that  ensued around our Volkswagen Estate.

I was highly amused to discover on my rather ‘late’ arrival (following a hefty night on the tiles), that my little sister was quite the ‘Del Boy’ of day, having already made £70+ from a collaborated collection of unwanted christmas presents and clothes I could no longer fool myself I was ever going to squeeze into again…

Having ‘sized-up’ the neighbours and their wares (as well as the price list of the increasingly-attractive-looking burger van a few stalls down), I took my seat in the passenger seat of our car and waited for the punters to bite.

Two hours later, and £10 more in the float, I resigned to the fact the hustle and bustle was beginning to die down, when someone took a fancy to a broken Nintendo 64. My little sister moved at the speed of light into action:

Man: “how much love?” (pointing to the Nintendo that unbeknownst to him had about as much life in it as the ‘deceased’ Parrot in the Monty Python sketch)

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “£3?”

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “What about £3.50?”

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “£4 then”

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “okay I’ll give you £4.50. Come on.”

(I’ll give you 3 guesses what was said next…)

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “okay I’ll have it. There’s your fiver.”

And off the man went on his merry way. Broken games console under one arm, a fiver worse off.

The haggling capabilities of the great British public cease to amaze me.

Half hour later, and covered in the rather greasy entrails of the ‘fully loaded’ burger I had recently devoured, we decided the day had ‘peaked’ and packed up the few solitary items we had left.

Having discovered yesterday evening on arriving home that we were £107 in profit, the day was perceived to be a overal success and who knows, maybe next time I’ll be up early enough to experience the full day’s festivities?…


Happy Valentine’s Day: 14/2/2010:

Sainsbury’s has just about managed to shift it’s last ‘half price-buy on get one-1/3 off’ Christmas card in it’s seasonal sale when the ‘Valentine’s Aisle’ makes an appearance, decked out in all it’s horrifically-soppy ‘cheesyness’.

Call it a day of romance or yet another commercialised, over-rated ‘holiday’ that involves (much like any other) alot of the ‘green stuff’….but alas there’s no escaping it!

Every year on the 14th day of February, women and girls-alike await with anticipation an extortionately-priced bunch of man-handled roses and a soppy verse in a card, sporting a pair of ‘googly-eyed gorillas’ enblazend on the front (again over-priced).

However we all fall for this day of indulgence year after year … a guilty pleasure for millions of Brits…
All my but Grandmother of course, who refuses to allow a winged man in a nappy to dictate to her a specific day of the calendar in which she should set aside her weekly ‘perm’ to express her love for my Grandfather. Her outrage is usually followed by “i’ve been married to him for nearly 50 years! … never mind a ‘day’, i need a bloody medal!”

*Natalie Jane*

Brit Bags £56million!: 12/2/2010:

A jammy British ‘so-and-so’ will be laughing all the way to the bank come Monday morning, with their winning Euromillions ticket burning a £56million hole in their pocket!

Our weekly ‘dabble’ of a whole English pound on the lottery has been a popular British habit since 1994, and is very much part of British culture, along-side a day at the races and a night at the ‘dogs’.

I’m still waiting for my lucky numbers to come rolling in, after having a few small winners over the past couple of weeks, but alas no jackpot as of yet!

Let’s hope the lucky Brit who is due for a payday they’ll never forget wont spend it all at once!

*Natalie Jane*