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The Great British ‘Car Booter’

my Mum, Sister, & family friend Gill at our car boot on Sunday

It is widely acknowledged by a man/woman (who remains anonymous to ‘Mr Google’) that: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, and  this was very much the case on Sunday (11/04/2010), as I joined my little sister and mum at around 10:30am (who had been there since 6am) to witness the ‘free-for-all frenzy’ that  ensued around our Volkswagen Estate.

I was highly amused to discover on my rather ‘late’ arrival (following a hefty night on the tiles), that my little sister was quite the ‘Del Boy’ of day, having already made £70+ from a collaborated collection of unwanted christmas presents and clothes I could no longer fool myself I was ever going to squeeze into again…

Having ‘sized-up’ the neighbours and their wares (as well as the price list of the increasingly-attractive-looking burger van a few stalls down), I took my seat in the passenger seat of our car and waited for the punters to bite.

Two hours later, and £10 more in the float, I resigned to the fact the hustle and bustle was beginning to die down, when someone took a fancy to a broken Nintendo 64. My little sister moved at the speed of light into action:

Man: “how much love?” (pointing to the Nintendo that unbeknownst to him had about as much life in it as the ‘deceased’ Parrot in the Monty Python sketch)

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “£3?”

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “What about £3.50?”

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “£4 then”

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “okay I’ll give you £4.50. Come on.”

(I’ll give you 3 guesses what was said next…)

Sister: “a fiver.”

Man: “okay I’ll have it. There’s your fiver.”

And off the man went on his merry way. Broken games console under one arm, a fiver worse off.

The haggling capabilities of the great British public cease to amaze me.

Half hour later, and covered in the rather greasy entrails of the ‘fully loaded’ burger I had recently devoured, we decided the day had ‘peaked’ and packed up the few solitary items we had left.

Having discovered yesterday evening on arriving home that we were £107 in profit, the day was perceived to be a overal success and who knows, maybe next time I’ll be up early enough to experience the full day’s festivities?…